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Mamta Verma

Sr. Case Manager


I am responsible for helping my clients who are internationally relocating. My main role is to ensure the client avoids any legal issues that may occur in relation to their relocation by assisting them to obtain visas and other related immigration documentation.

I advise the clients to take proper guidance on how best to obtain required documentation to migrate internationally and how to complete this process smoothly. I work within strict timelines and communicate with authorities and the client consistently via email or telephone. Clients must be treated individually and the process tailored to suit them, with the hiring of translators if necessary. We have a strong understanding of border control procedures as well as any related legislation.
Don't aim for success if you want it ; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

Shonali Gomes

Operation Manager


Dealing with the clients by the efficient services and the new techniques I oversee all aspects of the Visa and Immigration Service, ensuring that the visa process runs smoothly. I handle all the problems of the client related to PR Visas and try to solve them accordingly. I deal with all Visa applications and ensure that the client is suitable.

My role is to give assurance to the clients based on his eligibility, the completion of all relevant visa and immigration documents. I ensure that they are received within the time limit set by the government and that the information provided by the client is accurate and correct. I prepare and check all legal documents, operate new ideas and techniques to solve the client queries. My main motive is to help the client to obtain Visas, Green cards and other documents required.

I urge everyone to dream, pursue them with enthusiasm and sense of purpose. The world is awaiting you; go conquer it not through force but through the power of spirit.

Sandhya Gomes

Operation Manager


Time, assistance and knowledge: This is what I provide to my clients.

My job as an Operation Executive is to provide guidance and proper knowledge to all the clients who seek to have a career internationally. I ensure the satisfaction of my clients by handling their queries and taking follow up on their status on a regular basis. I make sure that the stages of PR visa go smooth by assisting the immigrants with filing paperwork and legal representation in order to obtain work authorization.

Never give up on your dream because of the time it will take. Stay positive, have courage, believe in yourself and the time will pass anyway.

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